We offer a spectrum of private dental treatments, enabling patients to access the services they want to gain a smile they love.

Make Your Dentist Aware of Fears and Phobias

Our goal is to provide you with a dental experience that makes you feel confident, comfortable and safe. If you have any apprehension about a treatment or a fear of stepping foot into a dental practice, please tell us prior to your appointment.

We will discuss your sedation options together and ensure the option we recommend is a safe choice for you.

Causes of Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety happens when a patient has fear or apprehension regarding a visit to the dentist. There are many sources of dental anxiety, including:

The Important Role of Dental Sedation

For some patients, dental sedation is the only way they can get the treatments they require to restore their oral health. Without the option of sedation, some patients become so anxious about upcoming dental work that they postpone treatment — which only makes their issue worse.

It’s crucial that our patients feel comfortable and calm when seated in the dental chair. Sedation helps take the edge off of dental phobias and helps our patients relax, so fear doesn’t stand in the way of necessary dental work. Additionally, dentists can often work faster when a patient is under sedation, which may result in fewer follow-up appointments.

You are Still Awake Under Dental Sedation

Dental sedation is used to help patients feel at ease, calm and relaxed during a visit to the dentist. At the South Cliff Dental Group practices, our dentists offer conscious sedation to our nervous patients — you are still technically awake and able to cooperate during treatment, but you’re without sensitivity to pain and won’t remember details of the treatment afterward.

Types of Dental Sedation at Our UK Dental Practices

We always want to be as flexible as possible to accommodate our patients. Therefore, we offer two types of sedation, both help you feel completely relaxed during your visit:
Intravenous (IV) sedation is administered with an IV line into a vein. We reserve this type of sedation for our most anxious patients. We have team members trained in sedation who monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels, adjusting your dose as necessary to keep you comfortable and safe.
Oral sedation requires patients to swallow a small tablet approximately an hour before the treatment begins. We will only give you oral sedation after reviewing your medical history and the current medications and supplements you take.

Sedation Takes Time to Wear Off

When you opt in for sedation it is important that you bring someone along to help you get home safe. You will be unable to drive a vehicle following sedation as it takes time for the medication to wear off. A trusted friend or family member will ensure you get home and into bed to sleep off the medication.

Do You Have Dental Anxiety?

Dental sedation can be an excellent way to receive the treatments you need, even with an extreme phobia. South Cliff dentists are known for providing gentle, compassionate care, helping our nervous patients feel at ease and confident in their expertise.

For more information on sedation at the South Cliff practice nearest you, please get in touch.