Dental issues are not exclusive to the outside of teeth. For problems beneath the tooth surface, you need the expertise of an endodontist.

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is a branch of specialised dentistry that focuses on repairing tissues inside the tooth — this connective tissue is referred to as tooth pulp. The pulp contains the nerves, blood vessels and other tissues located deep inside the tooth. Though general dentists also complete root canals and other treatments, patients gain extra confidence when pulp issues are handled by an endodontist.

Endodontists commonly treat damage caused by:

Tooth decay that has migrated inside the tooth
A tooth abscess that forms when bacteria enters the interior of a tooth or gums
Tooth injuries from trauma
A cracked tooth that extends into the pulp

Specialists in Tooth Pulp

Endodontists complete at least two more years of training beyond dental school to develop the technical skills required to diagnose and treat issues within the tooth. Experts in root canal procedures, implants and other complex dental procedures in the interior of the tooth, these specialists dedicate their time to treating dental pulp issues.

Given the important role they play in treating pulp and root tissues, endodontists have been referred to as specialists in saving teeth.

Common Endodontic Procedures at Our UK Dental Practices

Severe toothache may be an indication that there is an issue inside your tooth. Under layers of hard enamel and protective dentin, infection or other issues may have found a way to your tooth’s interior.

When it comes to diagnosing and treating complex causes of tooth pain, endodontists are known for performing many types of procedures, namely:

Why See an Endodontist?

Due to their advanced knowledge, an endodontist can swiftly diagnose and treat dental issues within the tooth. As experts in the field, endodontists are highly skilled, even in the most complex cases — which often results in repairing the natural tooth. Even in difficult-to-diagnose cases, endodontists are skilled at uncovering the cause of oral and facial pain.

Comfortable, In-House
Endodontic Treatments for Patients

South Cliff Dental Group provides high quality specialist treatments across many of our practices, including Bewbush, Crawley and Handcross. Accessing the endodontic specialist you need when you need them is one of the advantages of our vast network of practices.

If you require endodontic treatment in the UK, the South Cliff Dental Group can help connect you with a highly-skilled dental specialist with a proven track record for success and exceptional patient care. Our practices use cutting-edge technology and proven techniques to make your endodontic treatment as comfortable as possible.

You can be assured that you are in good hands with our dental practices. From diagnosis to recommendations, preparing for the treatment, the procedure itself and post-treatment care, your South Cliff dentist will keep you fully informed, so you can relax and focus on a swift recovery.

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