About South Cliff Dental Group

South Cliff Dental Group is a network of practices providing general dental services (both NHS and private) to patients of West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

We offer the whole spectrum of dental treatments, including Invisalign, dental implants, endodontics, periodontics and sedation.

Founded in 2015, South Cliff Dental Group takes a different approach to dentistry – our network of practices functions based on serving you better and putting you first.

We have dental practices open six to seven days a week, accommodating patients with Saturday, Sunday and late evening appointments. Our team members tell you exactly what to expect from treatment in a language that actually makes sense. South Cliff dental practices also allow you to access NHS and private dental care under one roof.

Our Commitment to You:


We will care for you, your dental health and your general health.


We will always listen to you, and take action based on your needs and preferences.


We will always offer you NHS and private treatment options.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide excellent care to all of our patients. To achieve our vision, we will develop and maintain a reputation for excellence and innovation, demonstrating the vital role that our service plays in the health of the community.

Our strategy focuses on quality improvement and assurance to deliver increased productivity and cost efficiencies. This strategy is informed by national and local strategic drivers and supported by a comprehensive range of clinical evidence-base criteria.

Patient Trends

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Teeth Whitening

100% success rate with our EVO 4 Enlighten Teeth Whitening system which gives guaranteed, long-lasting results

Private Treatment

100% of patients happy with the private treatment they have received. Private care is not limited by time restraints, quality of materials or choice, whereas NHS care is restricted

Refer to a Friend

95% of our patients would refer our practices to a friend

Hygienist Appointments

91% of our adult patients see the hygienist regularly for the care of their gum health. This prevents tooth loss; makes fillings last longer; improves the appearance of teeth with less stains; and yields a brighter, whiter smile

Wait Times

91% of our patients are happy with the time they have to wait to see one of our clinicians

Private vs NHS Treatments

With a greater choice in private care, 85% of our adult patients have chosen private treatment alternatives over NHS options. This includes, but not limited to, tooth- coloured (white) fillings and crowns on posterior (back) teeth; hygienist appointments for an in-depth clean; and dental implants for missing teeth in comparison to NHS bulky plastic-pink dentures

Monthly Payment Options

1,247 patients were approved for patient finance in the last year. This has enabled them to benefit from treatments costing over £500 with regular affordable monthly interest-free repayments

Our Values

Our values underpin our vision. They are as follows:





Our Objectives

In order to achieve and maintain our vision, we have devised the following three objectives:
We will provide excellent, compassionate care to our patients, so they establish complete and stable dental health
Our services will be shaped by our patients, directors and staff; and personalised for the individual and their specific circumstances
We will be a socially responsible, strong and sustainable business led by excellent staff

Improving Care

South Cliff Dental Group strives to improve the overall care needs of our patients. For example:


We have increased recycling of materials by 53% over the last three years, and reduced our carbon footprint through simple methods such as staff car-sharing when travelling to work. In our Westbury practice, we exclusively use renewable green energy from Engie, UK. We also make use of energy-efficient lighting, recycling waste bins and have sustainability posters on display for patient education.
South Cliff Dental Group will reduce our electricity consumption by 8% in 2024
- 0 %
South Cliff Dental Group will increase our recycling by 4% in 2024
+ 0 %
South Cliff Dental Group will reduce our waste by 6% in 2024
- 0 %
South Cliff Dental Group will reduce our water consumption by 4% in 2024
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Cyber Essentials

Information Management

To improve on service delivery, all patient data is held securely in an electronic format, and robustly protected. South Cliff Dental Group has achieved official accreditation with Cyber Essentials (a UK government-backed certification programme).

Employee Diversity

Being open and welcoming to everyone is at the heart of our business. Our aim is to build a truly inclusive environment where our employees can be themselves. From gender and ethnicity to our commitment to support our colleagues across generations, we value diversity in every sense.

In many businesses, there are a lot more men than women in managerial positions. We have changed this, and we’re proud that over 50% of managerial positions at South Cliff Dental Group are filled by women.

Work with Us

Why not join our group as a dentist, therapist, hygienist, manager, nurse or receptionist?